DIA Franchise Cost & Fees

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Date of Incorporation: 1979Franchising Since: 1989Country of Origin: SpainBusiness Description: DIA is a distribution chain of supermarkets which, since it was founded in Spain in 1979, has worked on the quality-price formula as the central focus of its mission in all the markets where it operates. This mission is based on a policy of optimizing costs in order to offer consumers solutions to their food and commodity requirements, but always with a commitment to quality and price which is unique in the market and, in addition, satisfying its employees, suppliers and shareholders, as well as the society in which it carries out its activities.Franchise Offer: DIA Stores include two concepts: Neighborhood format: Based on practical stores that are conveniently sited in towns and cities so that customers can find one of the company’s establishments close to their home. This was the initial store format with which DIA became established in all its countries (the ‘classic’ or ‘urban’ store), with a sales area of approximately 500m² situated in the town or city center. However, there has been a significant evolution since these beginnings up to the present day, with an emphasis on the presence of fresh foods and development of the assortment, but always focused towards economically and straightforwardly covering customers’ day to day necessities. Attraction format: A concept with an establishment sited on the outskirts of towns or cities with car parking so that customers can travel to the store by car. This format is a spacious, convenient store, with an extensive range of fresh products and very competitive prices that allows the customer to do a complete shop.Financial Assistance: DIA offers financing to interested prospective franchisees. In addition, DIA helps with the financing of the equipment and initial stock for 60 months without interest.Training and Assistance: DIA offers franchisees support before, during and after opening their shops, including: Training before opening: before starting the franchise, DIA gives the franchisee all the processes related with the shop. Also, DIA gives the franchisee all the necessary documents and some practical training in their Academy Shop. Ongoing training: Both in the new shop processes that are continuously created and the business and financial management of the shop. Always in contact: DIA’s specific website for franchisees allows the franchisee and the head office the ability always exchange information.Units in Operation: DIA operates over 3,800 units in 6 countries.The above information has been provided by DIA along with online sources.Franchise Direct’s Disclaimer