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Say “Oui” to an Exceptional Opportunity!
Discover our delightful concept that has almost no direct competition with le Macaron Franchise .

An American Dream…

Rosalie Guillem and her daughter Audrey Guillem-Saba had a dream – to share delectable French macarons with the world. The family, originally hailing from France, were surprised to find that the American take on the “macaron” was often simply sugar spun into a cookie shape or confused with the familiar coconut cookie “macaroon”. By treating the American palate to true French macarons, they could bring a taste and texture sensation to the marketplace.

In 2009, Rosalie and Audrey began sharing their delectable macarons with the American consumer market and opened their first Le Macaron French Pastries®. Because of frequent requests from customers to open a Le Macaron French Pastries pastry shop in their community, the company began franchising in 2012.

Our niche concept is unique, with very limited competition. Today’s consumers are eager to engage with their food in new, creative ways. They want flavor and texture, quality, and presentation; they are more health conscience. Each of our signature pastries is handcrafted by our team of French chefs at our Le Macaron French Pastries commissary, and we use only the finest gluten-free ingredients and no preservatives.

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the Business Model

Beyond the signature macarons, our menu includes gourmet chocolates, French gelato, classic French pastries, European-style beverages and homemade candies. Some locations may also serve a variety of wine and sparkling wine.

Our French pâtisseries are a modern European design with no on-site baking, providing refined operations so that minimal staffing is required. You can leverage a streamlined process with no on-site baking and multiple streams of revenue which include Catering/Delivery, Satellite Kiosks, Carts and Special Events.


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